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  Things on the thing

162p: The things on the thing are less excellent than either the other things on the thing, the things on the other thing, or the other things off the other thing.

However, that said, they are still really up to scratch in terms of scratching things up, and it certainly seems like things will be being things on things like stuff and things for a long time yet

85n2: Of course time is a great healer, and we like healers, so a long time yet is still a good thing to be for. So, well done to those things on the thing. We love you, or you!

  If not then not...

Peanuts, Primate, Popular?
They say 'if you can't shell peanuts with one hand you'll never get a job in media'. Even though this kind of attitude clearly predates modern criminology, most insects in fact look quite different to butterflies. Of course, in fiction they are all butterflies.

No butter, no fly?
As the song said, so we shall do! Or shall we? Apparently some famous celebrities are now so famous that they are incapable of breathing without a personal assistant, normally in the form of a plastic lemon, like your pet used to live in on Tuesdays. Well I never!
Stuff and / or things

Are you someone who is unaware of whether or not you are aware of things? How do you know?

Idiot or stupid?
Test yourself here...

You may find out what you already knew!*
*You may not find out what you didn't know!
Whatever next?

Maybe these:
 The myths about truth!
 Your favourite classic misconceptions!
 The truth about myths!
 Get real about mythology!
  What the hell is this site all about?

Having trouble understanding what this is all about? You are entirely alone in the universe! Everyone else find it completely obvious, apart from me, but even I figured it out eventually. Maybe you could try eating something and trying again a bit later. I would encourage you to at least drink a little water and try to put this out of your mind for a while.